About Better Communities Trust

The Better Communities Trust was initially formed as a not-for-dividend company in 2013 in response to an apparent need for a fresh approach to social housing and a changing Government policy on how this may be provided increasingly by not-for-profit entities. The aim was to work with government, business and community partners to create great places to live.
We have changed our purpose as Government policy decisions have not supported the original goals of establishing community run social housing providers. To this end, Better Communities has refocused its efforts on supporting local charitable projects that benefit New Zealand communities, with a focus on mental health. We believe that mental health is a huge part of creating better communities.

Our goal is to work with partners who share this vision and progressively the lives of people with New Zealand.

To date, the Better Communities Trust has fund raised for projects that we believe attribute to better communities:

  • We have supported literacy programmes in local schools
  • We have hosted a number of Pink Ribbon Breakfasts in response to the high numbers of women diagnosed with breast cancer across Hawke's Bay
  • We have hosted community resilience building events with speakers like Doug Avery, Mike King and Davey Huges.

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