story_Pool for Leaders and Managers

Imagine having time every month to share and appreciate the stories you are making? And reflect on their meaning and usefulness? Being able to share meaningful stories with your stakeholders - imagine the engagement!

Today, we work in fast paced and competitive environments where time is our most precious resource. Deciding how to best spend that time isn’t easy but getting it right is a key factor in building a happier, smarter and more successful organisation.

Leaders and managers, who constantly juggle competing priorities, understand the value of time better than anyone. They know that their teams do best when they are given space to share their experiences and perspectives: and can enjoy, reflect and learn together.

It shouldn’t surprise us that the same is true for leaders.

What is story-Pool for Leaders?

It’s the time we can nod our heads and say: ‘Yes, I hear you. Yes, I have felt that too. Yes, that’s why we’re here… and that’s what will make us stronger.’

story_Pool for Leaders is a peer story-exchange process. It was created by Moya Sayer-Jones (Only Human Stories) as an introduction (or adjunct) to our story_Pool for Organisations program.

It’s a dedicated and protected space for leaders and managers to give to themselves, what they want for their teams - a regular time to explore, reflect and connect. Every time we meet for a story-Pool session, we are reminded of the value of individual experience and ideas to what we can achieve together. The sessions boost our appreciation for the work we do and the stories we are making - vital elements for a healthy and happy culture.

story_Pool is where the hurly - burly of the daily ‘doing’ ends… and the satisfaction of humantime begins…bringing leaders closer to understanding their peers and the humans they are managing and inspiring.

Learning Outcomes:

story-Pool builds listening, questioning and feedback skills; refines our understanding of stories and how to use them in our organisations. These skills become part of the Manager’s toolkit to use in encouraging and developing story skills in their teams: and begin to build a story culture.

Participants will leave this workshop, as a 3 person group, equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet regularly in their organisation and follow the story_Pool process for maximum benefit.

Every story_Pool session is an opportunity to build and practice these skills
  • Story finding: identify the stories that matter + should be told
  • Story confidence: natural practice in oral storytelling + development
  • Story-understanding: what does this story tell us about ourselves, our values, our practice
  • Story uses: where and how could this story be useful in my own work and to others

Who should attend:

We are inviting teams of three from your organisation: Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, CEOs from business, government, NFPs.*

*Please note: as this program works in peer groups of 3, each organisation is to register a minimum of 3 people or in multiples of 3 (e.g. 3, 6, 9 12 people).

We highly recommend that for larger organisations more than 3 leaders attend and where possible the whole leadership team.

Note: story_Pool for Organisations is a proprietary program that can be implemented across whole departments or organisations and serve a range of additional purposes including communications, marketing, HR, systems etc. Contact Only Human Stories to discuss.

About the Presenter

Moya Sayer-Jones

I was the little sister in a family of four very noisy girls. It wasn’t easy to get a word in.

Our kitchen table gave me my first lessons in the power of storytelling and that lesson stuck. I even make a living out of it. In my first career, I was a comedy writer, novelist and screenwriter. Then, about 15 years ago, everything changed. I was asked to gather stories for a book about Australian families doing it hard. Suddenly, there I was on verandas and in backyards and lounge rooms, listening to these amazing stories about things I had absolutely no experience of. We laughed, we cried, we ate way too many Tim Tams. It was such a dynamic experience: listening, sharing and true connection. I felt like I was back in my childhood kitchen and I was hooked.

I started to explore the idea of finding and sharing stories inside different organisations. The benefits were so much more than what I was expecting.

The stories coming forward were heart-felt and real but more amazing, the people were different after the process. With ongoing story-telling organisational cultures were actually shifting.

I have since been offering organisations varying services based around story-telling and have developed programs including Story Booth and story_Pool which create spaces for stories, for people and for being human.

See my website for more: www.onlyhuman.com.au


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