The Pōwhiri, Pūrakau and Motivational Interviewing

The Pōwhiri, Pūrakau and Motivational Interviewing with Youth and Emerging Adults:
Paddling and Flying to New Horizons

Kia Ngātahi te waihoe
Ka huri te kei o te waka Whatiwhati ngaru
Haere ki tua, papapounamu te moana E topa, e rere ki te paerangi

Paddle as one
Turn the bow of the canoe
Cut through the waves
Go beyond to where the waters are flat, that you may fly to the horizon
Trainer: Tipene Pickett, P Grad Cert Health Sciences,. BA Pych & Anthro. MINT Trainer, New Zealand

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • UNDERSTAND: How Motivational Interviewing practices differ with youth and emerging adults. Clinical Highlights: Developmental Considerations.
  • GAIN: Knowledge of the Maori worldview and engagement processes of the Pōwhiri and use of Pūrakau Maori Narratives of origin and their relevance to working with youth and emerging adults.  Cultural Highlights: Cultural relevance & identity - they matter more than you think.
  • KNOW: The fundamental MI skills: youth deserve your flexible adaptability.  Clinical Highlights: The 4 MI processes: engage, focus, evoke & plan. Spirit of MI: partnership, acceptance, compassion & evocation. Using your OARS. Identifying and strengthening change talk and commitment language.
  • PRACTICE: Cultural and developmentally sensitive clinical MI skills. Cultural & Clinical Highlights: Engage in Storytelling of Pūrakau with discussion expanding and deepening themes of change and applicability of these narratives of origin with youth and emerging adults. In-Vivo group & individual role plays. Maori specific applications. Integrate knowledge from international publication: MI with adolescents & young adults.

In both Christchurch and Auckland there will be a 1-day as well as a 2-day workshop. The difference between 1- and 2- day workshop is an added Pūrakau with more extensive practice in utilising microskills of MI to elicit change talk focused on themes identified in the Pūrakau related to change in order to shape a conversation to resolve ambivalence and strengthen commitment for change.


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