Suicide & Technology

Tomorrow's Tools to Reduce Suicides

With international thought-leader Dr. Jonathan Singer (USA)

Identifying, managing and responding to suicide risk in 2019 requires an understanding of the role of technology. This workshop will engage service providers in a thought-provoking discussion about websites, apps, and technologies that are used to increase and decrease suicide youth risk. We will talk about how and when social media use might increase the likelihood that youth will try to end their lives, and how social media can be used to increase connection and reduce suicide risk. This workshop will include content on technology advances that have not yet, but will likely influence clinical standards for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in the next decade.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:
  • List the efforts being made by social media platforms to address suicide risk.
  • Identify online resources for suicide prevention.
  • Demonstrate how to respond to a suicidal person online.
  • List the most common features of suicide prevention apps.
  • Analyze social media apps for safety and security.
  • Define machine learning.
  • Discuss the role of algorithms in identifying and preventing suicide risk.


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