Better Workplace Practice

The Better Workplace Practice workshop will encourage participants to look at the way they interact with others; what biases and fixed ideas they bring to their communications, and what barriers they are experiencing to communicating effectively.  

Once they’ve established for themselves some of the things they would like to change in their communication style, we will look at ways that might be achieved. 

The last part of the workshop focuses on conflict – how that can be managed more effectively and particularly how effective apologising can be used to bring conflict to an end.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own communication style and gain some insights into communication styles they may not have previously considered, Participants will explore how power differentials impact communication, and they will gain skills for managing conflict in constructive and positive ways.

Who Should Attend

Anyone and everyone who is dealing with people, but particularly vulnerable people. Anyone that is experiencing or has experienced toxic behaviour from people they are interacting with. Anyone that wants to go from bad communication to better communication.  


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